Biden’s Supply Chain ‘Solution’ a Failure–Major Port Still Not 24/7

Way back in August of 2021, Americans learned about a massive crisis at our biggest ports. Cargo ships were forced to dock in the middle of the ocean because ports were backed up. Thanks to a variety of bad decisions by the Biden administration (and California), there weren’t enough workers and trucks to pick up the goods and cargo. That has resulted in a painful supply chain crisis that is contributing to rising prices.

At the time, the man responsible for handling the situation was MIA. Pete Buttigieg was on vacation while America was suffering. Biden’s handlers scrambled to find a solution. The best they could come up with was requiring these ports—already understaffed—to operate 24/7. As you can imagine, that isn’t enough to fix the problem.

But now, we are learning, that one major port hasn’t even done that!

The Port of Long Beach is not yet at 24/7 operations, despite President Joe Biden’s promise in October that the crucial cargo facility would be shifting to a round-the-clock schedule to alleviate a backlog of cargo ships that is hurting supply chains.

Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero revealed in his annual “State of the Port” address on Wednesday that the port facility had not moved to a 24/7 schedule, though he commended Biden for helping start the “conversation.” [Source: Breitbart]

What the hell is that? He thanked Joe for “starting the conversation?” What does that even mean? America can’t even get the food and supplies it needs. Why isn’t this administration doing everything it can to fix this crisis? Republican governors, by the way, have offered solutions. Texas and Florida have urged shipping companies to dock at one of their many ports (which already run 24/7, by the way).

But Biden sleeps as this problem only gets worse.

We can blame these ports for refusing to get their acts together. If there are worker shortages, go out there and do what you can to hire new workers. If staying open 24/7 is going to help then do that. I find it especially telling that Biden isn’t doing more to compel these ports to stay open. If it were Trump, they would have gone 24/7 months ago.

Part of the blame is on California Democrats. They passed such strict emissions laws that many 18-wheelers can’t even enter the state. They can move cargo in the rest of the country, but not super-leftist CA. You can’t expect the ports to offload cargo when you’re actively denying truckers from entering.

This has been a perfect storm of incompetence. Everyone is to blame. But the buck, as we know, stops at Joe. He is the man who promised to “build back better.” But he can’t even get truckers to carry goods from ports. He offers no additional solutions and seems to be ignoring the problem.

Author: Bo Dogan