Biden’s State Of The Union Address Could End In Disaster, And This Proves It

A 38,000 strong convoy is going to DC from LA to protest the mandates during the upcoming State of the Union speech on March 1.

Kyle Sefcik, the leader and organizer of the USA Freedom Convoy, said to CBS 9 that he will leave LA on Friday and go to D.C. The peaceful protest will not plan to gather at the national’s capitol. Instead, the trucker convoy will protest close to the National Mall and the White House with Christian preachers and bands.

“We wish to be there and to say to the president we are here,” Sefcik said to the local outlet. “This does not even need to happen. If Joe Biden said, ‘Mandates are done and the emergency is now over. Let’s do our thing,’ then we are not even coming.”

“We must get the attention in a peaceful way and this is the way to do it,” Sefcik continued. “Do we want to stop companies from opening and people from getting to work or school? No. We don’t want to do this which is why we are telling Biden to end this now. We do not even need to come.”

Sefcik said to the outlet that the convoy would disrupt the corridors of the larger Maryland area and roads that are the major commuting road for commercial deliveries in the area.

“This might stop until the president says it is over. People may not get to school,” he said. “We are going to keep going until the president reports that the state of emergency is over.”

Being a gym owner in the state of Maryland, Sefcik said these mandates hurt his business and almost forced him to lose his income. His kids, he said to the outlet, were also impacted by the mask mandates in school and are being homeschooled now.

“I had the government and school officials telling me that my kids had to put something on their nose and mouth that I did not want to have on their nose and mouth,” Sefcik stated. “That is all it is about.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire