Biden’s Socialist Takeover Hits Another Roadblock – Will He Keep Any Of His Promises?

Plenty has changed in the last few weeks over Biden’s radical socialist takeover. He was hoping to introduce the largest government expansion since FDR. His plans were to spend over $3.6 trillion to put millions of people on welfare, destroy our energy industry, and tax us into the dark ages.

But an unlikely group of lawmakers has become a real thorn in his side.

Opposition from moderate Democrats in the House and two moderates in the Senate, have ensured his socialist spending bill will not be passed. Most recently, it has been reduced to around $1.75 trillion (still too expensive) with many of his promises ripped out. That compromise might mean this bill will soon see the light of day, right?


Democrat President Joe Biden’s plan to reshape America with his $3.5 trillion social spending bill hit another obstacle on Thursday as one top Democrat Senator said that it would not happen anytime soon…

“This is not going to happen anytime soon, guys,” Manchin told reporters. “There’s a lot of work to do, everybody’s working hard, everybody’s communicating, working hard. A lot of meetings going on.”…

“There’s a lot of details. Until you see the text and the fine print, it’s pretty hard to make final decisions, until you actually see,” he said, adding that “the text” needs to match “the intent.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Chuck Schumer, who was trying to ram this bill through before anyone had a chance to read it, said they would reach a vote by week’s end. But Sen. Manchin is throwing cold water on that promise, saying the talks are still ongoing and that no decisions will be made until he reads the “fine print.”

Manchin, a Democrat, hails from a conservative, Trump-loving state. He has plenty of reason not to support Biden’s agenda, especially a toxic spending bill that would destroy the coal industry and upset millions of West Virginians. But he can’t openly shut down this bill, opposing his party.

So, he is giving realistic reasons for delaying its passage, including concerns over the massive amount of spending Biden wants to do and how he plans to pay for it. His latest statements suggest he won’t be voting on something, just because his party had productive talks. Mentioning that he wants to “see” what’s in the bill is an attempt to slow down the process.

Apparently, most senators vote on legislation without even reading it! Just saying he wants to know what’s in the bill is enough to delay this process by weeks, if not months. Manchin had previously warned that progress on this bill won’t continue until next year—a no-win situation for Democrats.

If this gets dragged out until 2022, there is little chance the bill will get passed. As we enter the new year, we’ll be getting closer and closer to the midterms. Democrats desperate to save their seats won’t have the time to fight over a bill—when they need to be campaigning. Plus, they want to pass this toxic bill now, hoping voters will forget about it by next November.

It doesn’t look like anything is shaping up as they hoped. Which is a very good thing for Americans who want to keep their jobs and income.

Author: Peter Anderson