Biden’s “Shadow President” Gets Named — But It’s Not Kamala

Ric Grenell, who was the acting director of National Intelligence under Trump, is slamming Susan Rice and is accusing her of being a “shadow president.”

His remarks were during an interview with CPAC Now. A part of the interview was published online by the conference.

“Susan Rice was appointed as domestic policy adviser,” he said. “That is a joke. She does not know a thing about domestic issues.”

“So, she is a foreign policy expert put in a domestic role. And that is a clear sign that our foreign policies and issues will be treated as domestic policy.”

“This is an issue for the Democrats. This is a mess because they are making way for the far-left. It’s a part of their cancel culture.”

“And Susan Rice is very happy that President Biden is very weak. We have a shadow president with her and no one is watching.”

Rice was Obama’s national security adviser. And at one time she seemed to be a serious contender as Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election.

Rice has come under criticism for her role in the Benghazi event that led to four Americans, including America’s ambassador, dead.

She was also connected to the unmasking of Americans in intel reports. Some of those people turned out to be Trump’s friends and business associates. Rice has denied this accusation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire