Biden’s Senior Advisor Quits Because Of Joe’s Extreme Socialism


Next month, Cedric Richmond, a senior advisor to Joe Biden, will depart the White House and join the Democratic National Committee (DNC).Richmond will become a co-chair of the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute, according to Politico’s reporting, which was later confirmed by Fox News.

Richmond, who served as a senior adviser to Biden, was the director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Another Biden advisor said that Richmond will begin advising the DNC in May.

It’s worth noting that since becoming vice president, Biden has relied on Richmond for advice. He was one of the few African American members of Biden’s inner circle.

Richmond explained it this way during a press conference earlier this week:

“I am honored and thrilled that the President has chosen me to assist to promote the excellent job being done at the DNC in ensuring that Democrats continue to grow their House and Senate majorities, as well as increase the number of Democratic governors in state capitols across the country.” 

This news arrives only one day after Richmond condemned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow “squad” members for their rhetoric and behavior following the 2020 election, calling them idiots.

These remarks are not out of the ordinary for those familiar with Richmond, as he has been a vocal detractor of his party’s relationship with the progressive wing for some time.

To begin with, Richmond disputes popular phrases like “defund the police.”

Other Democrat leaders, like Elizabeth Warren, are stating that if the Democratic Party wishes to have a chance in the midterms, it must embrace more progressive policies.

According to Richmond, the situation is reversed. He has been said to be irritated by the liberals and their use of “pro-socialist phrasing.”

It will be interesting to see how the DNC’s messaging evolves in light of this upheaval. Because at the moment, it appears that they are still trying to determine which path to take.

Is Biden’s campaign about to become more progressive in the days ahead before the midterm elections? Which, to be sure has been extremely unpopular thus far.

Author: Scott Dowdy