Biden’s Scheme To Give Money To Illegals Backfires

A handful of GOP Senators put forward legislation this Thursday to stop President Joe Biden’s plan to give as much as $450,000 to every illegal immigrant who broke the country’s laws and was then separated from a family member because of illegally entering the country.

The bill called Protect American Taxpayer Dollars from the Illegal Immigration Act — put forward by Republican Senators Thom Tillis (NC), Tom Cotton (AR), John Cornyn (TX) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) — would ensure no more federal dollars will be given to illegals from the wallets of Americans. If Joe Biden’s plan is not stopped, they warn, many millions of taxpayer dollars might be sent to people whose first action coming into the United States was breaking the law.

“Our southern border is a total disaster, and President Joe Biden’s failed policies have continued to cause this ongoing problem,” Senator Tillis said. “We are witnessing the most illegal movement this year than any year on record, and now President Joe Biden wants to allow illegals a payout, further rewarding chaos and lawlessness,” he said. “I am proud to partner with my colleagues to ensure this does not happen.”

The false hopes Biden’s planned payments to illegals could give to others, spurring more illegal movement. Senator Cotton said that “the Biden White House’s promises of citizenship have already led to the worst border problem in history” and “a large cash reward will make the problem even worse.”

“The cash settlements the White House is considering would only further encourage families to make the dangerous trip and exacerbate the issue along America’s southern border,” said Senator Cornyn.

Senator Cotton also stressed the the flawed logic of Joe Biden’s “height of insanity” agenda, saying “it is unthinkable to give damages to one burglar who broke into your house for the ‘mental trauma’ they endured while committing the crime. And yet the Joe Biden administration wants to give money to migrants who illegally came into the country with $450,000 per person for just this reason.”

“While Americans are struggling to keep up with President Biden’s inflation, he now wants to make millionaires of people who entered the country illegally,” said McConnell before stressing that Biden’s plan is “beyond a parody.”

Author: Scott Dowdy