Biden’s Says He ‘Too Busy’ For Impeachment – But Sources Say That’s a Lie

Democrats are wasting precious time pushing an impeachment trial against a man already out of office. Millions of Americans watch in shocking how the left is abusing their power, simply over sour grapes. Many legal experts have explained how it’s unconstitutional to impeach a former president. But most Democrats (and some prominent Republicans) care more about their vendetta than that silly thing called law.

You’d think Joe Biden would have something to say about all this impeachment mess. After all he’s supposed to be the de facto head of the Democrats. They are supposed to be following his lead, right? And he claims he wants to get a lot of things done in his first 100 days. But Biden has done little to encourage Congress to actually work to help Americans.

Biden claims, though, that he’s too busy to even watch the impeachment—because of all the people dying.

President Joe Biden said that he would not watch the Senate impeachment hearings for former President Donald Trump at the White House Tuesday, suggesting he had more important things to do.

“I am not…look I told you before, I have a job. My job is to keep people,” Biden said. “We have already lost over 450,000 people and we could lose a whole lot more if we don’t act and act decisively and quickly.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sure, Joe. You are “working” to save Americans from dying of COVID. He claims we have to work “quickly” and “decisively” to save American lives. So… why isn’t he urging Congress to stop wasting time with a pointless impeachment and instead pass another COVID bill?

If Biden really cares about protecting American lives, he’d first keep the border closed. And second, he’s be outraged that his own party members are wasting so much time.

But the excuse that he’s doing his “job” falls on deaf ears. Because it hasn’t even been a month and Biden’s administration is already a failure of Biblical proportions.

Just a few short weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency, those liberal ambitions have crashed into stark economic and political realities…

Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO that spent millions to get Biden elected, excoriated the new president’s climate policies this past weekend for erasing thousands of well-paying union jobs with the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline from Canada…

Twenty days into his presidency, Biden’s purported hopes for a bipartisan COVID stimulus bill foundered for lack of Republican buy-in. And now even some Democrats, like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, are questioning whether the current $1.9 trillion price tag is too much. [Source: Just the News]

Worst of all is Joe’s handling of the COVID vaccination. Trump moved heaven and earth to acquire not one, but two effective vaccines and got millions of doses ready by December 2020. Just a few weeks into Biden’s administration and it’s all gone to hell. Over 20 million doses are unaccounted for. There is already talk of shortages. And Biden seems unable to come up with a strategy.

Gee, I’m so glad Americans “elected” this moron over a man actually getting things done!

Maybe Biden should stop “working” and start actually paying attention.