Biden’s Right-Hand Man Could Soon Be Fired, Here’s Why

House Republicans are reported to be planning the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Republican Study Committee, the House’s largest GOP caucus, is calling for Mayorkas’ impeachment and even “laying the groundwork” for such action, according to Axios.

The issue? Mayorkas has so far shown no sign of dealing with the border problem.

Mayorkas’s attempts to dismantle our nation’s southern border security and disregard for the enforcement of United States immigration laws have been condemned by 133 caucus members in a letter on Monday.

“Your conduct has intentionally put American people in harm’s way, undermined the authority of law and our country’s sovereignty, and jeopardized their safety,” the lawmakers wrote. “Your failure to secure the border and enforce existing legislation raises serious concerns about your fitness for office.”

Specifically, the GOP lawmakers raised worries over:

Mayorkas allegedly not complying with multiple court orders for Homeland Security to administer Migrant Protection Protocols (otherwise called “Remain in Mexico” policy).

Mayorkas “willingly ignoring laws passed by the U.S. Congress requiring construction of a physical barrier on the southern border.”

The impending stop of Title 42.

“Ultimately, you have a constitutional duty to use all means possible to secure our nation’s borders,” the lawmakers wrote. “Current law stipulates that you must maintain operational control of the southern border and detain unlawful immigrants. You continue to fail in this regard.”

Even this week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who would be Speaker if the GOP regained control of the House in 2022, explicitly suggested impeaching Mayorkas.

“This is his chance to do his work. But, at any time, if someone is derelict in their duties, there is always the option of impeaching someone,” McCarthy said this week.

While the Department of Homeland Security applauds President Joe Biden’s decision to lift Title 42, Mayorkas privately expresses reservations.

The policy is set to expire on May 23, but a federal court has intervened to prevent it from happening – at least temporarily. The Biden administration will supposedly follow the judge’s order.

Unfortunately, if Title 42 is eliminated, as many as 18,000 people may enter the United States per day according to immigration officials.

Author: Steven Sinclaire