Biden’s Refugees Bring Back Something Far More Dangerous Than COVID

An Army location in Wisconsin that is used in bringing in Afghan refugees recently had one case of the Measles.

Fox News said that an internal government message said that Fort McCoy had found the case of the illness recently.

“All those people who had been in contact with this infected person were isolated, and post-exposure inoculations were in process,” the notice said, according to Fox News.

The document highlighted that because of the contagiousness of the measles virus the location was not accepting more evacuees “at this time” and was trying to obtain the required vaccines, but a spokesperson for the Task Force within McCoy said the location was still accepting Afghans, according to Fox News.

Fox News said that an official confirmed to them that one case of the virus was found during the health review process.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reported that Dem Rep. Ron Kind from Wisconsin said a case of the measles had been shown at the military location and those people who were around the infected person are now quarantined.

Measles is highly contagious, according to the CDC which says it “is very contagious that if one individual has it, as much as 90% of the people near to him who are not immune will get infected.”

“It can spread to other people through sneezing and coughing,” according to the CDC. “If others breathe the air or touch the surfaces the infected person touched, then touch their noses, eyes or mouth, they can get infected.”

Many Afghans were recently brought into the United States.

President Biden was widely panned for not managing the long-overdue U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan well, where the Taliban captured the capital city of Kabul and the United States was left rushing to get its citizens out before announcing that the pullout was done last week.

Some United States citizens and many Afghan allies are still stuck inside Afghanistan after the United States pullout.

This comes at a time when Democrats are pushing the narrative that they are desperately worried about continued infections of the Covid-19 virus regardless of vaccine status.

Author: Scott Dowdy