Biden’s Puppet Strings Pull Him All The Way To China — Again

It’s no secret that Democrats are buddy-buddy with the world’s leader in oppression, corruption, and communism: Red China.

Years ago, we watched as China abuse the people of Hong Kong. We were mortified to discover how the communist dictatorship was oppressing their Uyghur Muslims. Yet all the while, Democrats in the public eye said nothing.

Liberals in government, the media, and the entertainment industry refuse—even to this day—to call out China for its many sins. They even refuse to hold the country accountable for COVID-19, which we all know started in Wuhan.

Joe Biden, who has a nice, comfy history with China, is clearly unwilling to call out the toxic CCP. But that’s not even good enough for progressive groups. Because they are demanding he go even softer on China than he already is.

Progressive groups are calling on the Biden administration to focus more on climate change when it comes to China, and to cooperate with the communist nation rather than compete with it.

More than 40 progressive groups “sent a letter to President Joe Biden and lawmakers on Wednesday urging them to prioritize cooperation with China on climate change and curb its confrontational approach over issues like Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong and forced detention of Uyghur Muslims,” Politico reported…

The groups focused their attention on climate change, offering only lip service to China’s grievous human rights abuses, including the interment of Uyghur Muslims in labor camps where they are often tortured and sexually abused. [Source: Daily Wire]

How do these “progressives” sleep at night, knowing they are ignoring the many evils committed by China. I guess Chinese money has even reached the progressive left, huh?

For years, progressive groups put human rights advocacy above all else. They were once the first to call out any nation that was abusing or oppressing its people.

Today? Over 40 progressive groups are turning a blind eye to China’s disgusting pattern of human rights violations. Why? Because the Chinese Communist Party—which controls all Chinese-owned companies—is pumping money into these groups.

Oh, don’t pretend like it’s not happening. China controls nearly every sector of our society, thanks to massive influxes of cash. They have tremendous sway over higher education, science labs, movies, news networks, and even the federal government. Fraud Anthony Fauci’s institute has been in bed with China for years.

Why wouldn’t China find a way to manipulate these “progressive” groups? When you consider how they are prioritizing a paper tiger like “climate change” over the fact that China is systematically killing Muslim minorities, you really have to put two-and-two together.

The real crime is that idiot Joe Biden will probably listen to him. But he never had any intention of going hard on China at all. The “summit” between Biden’s state officials and China in Alaska was a farce. It was a show to make it look like we’re “tough,” but it really was orchestrated so Biden wouldn’t have to deal with the communist state.

In reality, these progressive groups could have saved their time and not bothered to send this letter.

Author: Maxwell Smith