Biden’s Most Extreme (And Hated) Agenda Backfires

According to a new study, the Democrat plan to offer amnesty to millions of illegals has “virtually no” chance of passing in Congress owing to President Joe Biden’s record-setting levels of illegal immigration.

For weeks, the Democratic Party has attempted to win over Republican support for a mass amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States. In addition, David Koch’s network launched a GOP pressure campaign.

According to Politico interviews, Democrats who supported an amnesty have given up hope as a result of Biden’s record-breaking illegal immigration rates.

Politico reports:

“Today, the conflict over the Biden White House’s decision to terminate a pandemic-era deportation policy is leading the legislative debate on Capitol Hill and echoing in America’s most competitive House races. It is also a painful reminder that the Democratic hope for broad immigration reform is effectively dead for now, with just slender majorities and a GOP that won’t consider broader change without addressing an increase in border crossings.”

Biden’s recent statement that he would cease Title 42, the public health authority used to swiftly return illegals to their home countries on May 23 has resulted in a lack of support for amnesty bills in Congress, according to some Democrats.

Biden officials agree that up to half a million illegals immigrants, the equivalent of Atlanta, Georgia’s population, could flood the border every month under Title 42.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told reporters that he expects as much as 30,000 illegals to arrive every day at the border if Title 42 is repealed. In Tijuana alone, up to 6,000 foreign nationals are reported to be waiting for the end of Title 42 in Mexico.

Last month, however, a federal judge halted Biden’s efforts to terminate Title 42 until the issue is resolved in court. Even while putting the brakes on ending authorization, the Biden administration has turned the border into a simple checkpoint where people stop in with federal authorities before being flown into American towns.

“We are aiding illegal immigration to the United States,” a source recently informed Breitbart News. “We’re transporting individuals from city to town in government vehicles. It’s like Uber but for illegals.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire