Biden’s Mental Decline Just Hit Uncharted Levels

President Biden was recently holding an event to publicly announce that two female generals were to be promoted to the rank of combatant commander. You can watch and clearly see he was reading from a teleprompter. But that didn’t help, he lost his thinking ability in the middle.

Scary is the only word to describe this. He forgets the name of his own Secretary of Defense, forgets the title of the position, and even the word Pentagon itself, calling him instead “the guy that runs the outfit over there.”

“I want to thank the former general. The guy who runs the outfit over there. We want to thank the Secretary.”

Meanwhile you can see Kamala Harris standing near him – literally – looking as though she is wondering whether she will have to help him get away. President Biden takes no questions and forgets his mask too.

Now it is no longer a question. Whatever is happening with Biden medically, whatever you want to call it, it’s a complete disaster.

He looks terrible and he appears to get worse every day. Democrats have done something horrible here. They’ve installed this guy just to hold onto power without caring about how much that could endanger us all or even could hurt him.

He’s having problems just reading the teleprompter, let alone responding independently to questions. We are in huge trouble now because of what Democrats have done.