Biden’s Mental Decay Affects His Presidency Like Never Before

A whopping 58 percent of voters now say Biden is not up to the role of being president.

Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 possible voters and asked, “How confident are you that Biden is mentally and physically up to the job of being President?”

A complete 50 percent said they are “not confident at all,” while another eight percent reported “not very confident.”

In fact, just 27 percent replied that they were “very confident” Joe Biden could do the job of president, while only 14 percent replied “somewhat confident.”

Basically, only 41 percent of possible voters think Biden can mentally and physically even function as president.

Rasmussen also surveyed, “Is Biden doing the work of president, or are others making the choices behind the scenes?”

Only 38 percent thought that Biden was making decisions, while a majority of 53 percent reported that others were doing so for him.

Have we ever lived in a nation where 58 percent don’t believe the president is physically or mentally fit to be president?

And the 58 percent are right. There is simply no question that Joe Biden is unfit to be our president. We know this because the handlers keep him away from the spotlight.

One of the simple rules of politics is that you end negative speculation by dealing with it head-on. If the criticism says you cannot or won’t do something, you go out and prove you are doing it.

One example happened when Trump was said the be cowering in the White House during the BLM riots. Some few days later, he walked from the White House and held up his Bible at the church which was vandalized by those anti-white terrorists.

That is Politics 101. You remove people’s fears by showing that the criticism is not valid.

So if Biden were truly mentally and physically up to the job, he would be out and talking right now to prove it.

Instead, he stays hidden from the American public. And when he does venture out, it is completely managed and controlled, like his upcoming town hall on CNN, where he will be guarded, get the questions ahead of time, and not face the circumstances that physically or mentally tax him.

Author: Blake Ambrose