Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort to Salvage His Administrations Is Failing, According to New Poll

It’s not at all a secret that Biden’s presidency is a failure. A tidal wave of polling reveal Americans have rejected his leadership. And his recent press conference was such a disaster, many consider it the end of his administration. Democrats are forced to face a brutal midterm election season, with Joe Biden dragging down their chances at victory.

But, conveniently, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently announced his resignation. This comes right as Biden suffers enormous rejection from the American people. Quickly, his administration reacted to this news and said he will pick a black woman to replace the retiring justice. It’s hard to imagine this isn’t a desperate ploy to win back a few people who have soured on old Joe.

Sadly, a new poll suggests this last-ditch effort isn’t cutting any ice with voters.

A new mainstream poll released on Sunday found that the overwhelming majority of Americans want Democrat President Joe Biden to consider all possible candidates when selecting his nominee to the Supreme Court…

“Now, with the chance to do so, just over three-quarters of Americans (76%) want Biden to consider ‘all possible nominees,’” ABC News reported…

One of the most troubling findings for Democrats from the poll was the revelation that only 1% of Americans describe “the state of the nation’s economy” as “excellent.” Overall, 75% said that the economy was either in “not so good” or “poor” shape. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s pretty hilarious if you think about it. The liberal media keep coming out with polls, perhaps expecting to get one that is actually good for Biden. But with each passing week, they are piling on the bad news. This time around, they were probably trying to get a positive reaction over the SCOTUS news. But Americans weren’t taking the bait. Three-quarters of the nation want Biden to consider all nominees, not just black women.

Only 23% of those asked actually want Biden to stick to his identity politics-inspired plan, something ABC called a “history-making commitment.” Oh, they’re not biased at all.

According to some commentators, there are only four women in the country that meet Biden’s requirements (race and gender) and also have the experience and qualifications to be on the Supreme Court. When you factor in their particular political leanings, that pool could get even smaller. Biden might actually be very hard-pressed to find the right candidate. But he’s painted himself into a corner with his foolish vow.

It will certainly not work out for him.

If his candidate even has a whiff of radicalism in her background, Republicans will have every reason to block. The current make-up of the Senate ensures that his nominee isn’t a shoo-in. Biden has to walk a fine line to pick someone both Republicans and Democrats will approve. But this is a man who can’t even walk up a fight of stairs, let a lone a fine line.

Chances are, this entire process will be a disaster.

Author: Paul Bunyan