Biden’s First Press Conference Ends In Total Disaster

In President Biden’s first press conference since entering the White House, he avoided giving a solid answer on his opposition or support for the filibuster. Democrats hope to remove the measure, a 60-vote requirement for legislation, in order to quickly pass Biden’s agenda.

President Biden, who was once a staunch backer of the filibuster, would not give a firm answer on the issue of the filibuster. The president stated that he supports “filibuster reform” but would not say whether the 60-vote requirement should stay intact.

The president also aligned himself with Obama’s opinion that the filibuster is a “Jim Crow relic.”

Biden went on to say the filibuster has been “abused” in the past year, when Democrats were the minority party and used the filibuster to destroy GOP legislation.

During his past time in congress, Joe Biden defended the filibuster to support “moderation and compromise.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire