Biden’s Dictator-Like Behavior Triggers Chaos In Washington

On Thursday, 189 congress-members, led by Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), wrote a letter to President Joe Biden pushing his admin. to stop pressuring private tech companies to censor so-called “disinformation” on their websites.

The letter, which was published to the House Commerce and Energy Committee’s Twitter page, addressed President Biden and his White House’s “ongoing efforts to put pressure on private companies to control and censor speech that it doesn’t agree with,” as well as saying the president was like a “Cuban dictator.”

“The Dem. Party has been assaulting the First Amendment since day 1 of your admin.,” the letter states. “It is the kind of behavior we would see from a Cuban dictator, not the President of America.”

The letter slams into Biden’s leadership, citing instances of members of the Dem. Party pressuring tech giants to disrupt free speech on their websites. Notably, the Chinese lab leak Facebook fiasco is mentioned in more detail.

“It is also clear from past events that certain details related to COVID-19 that were once seen as ‘misinformation’ is now seen quite differently. For example, until only recently, Facebook would not accept any discussion on its website about the lab leak theory, and for months your top medical advisor went against any suggestion that the virus might have escaped the Chinese lab. Presumably, your administration would have flagged such content about the lab leak theory as being ‘disinformation’ and demanded tech companies suppress this speech. But you were wrong. This is the issue with your censorship agenda. Not only are you assaulting the First Amendment, but your ‘truth’ could be wrong.”

Several people who signed the letter discussed it on Twitter to share their ideas on censorship, freedom of speech, and the Biden White House collaborating with Big Tech.

The letter ends with a request for Biden to give a full run-down of social media tech giants the Biden admin. is working with to censor what they call “disinformation,” lists of “disinformation” posts which have been flagged, and users who were banned from these platforms for pushing “disinformation.”

“As the President, you have a sacred duty to defend our Constitution,” the letter says. “All Americans cherish free speech, but your admin. is destroying this fundamental right.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire