Biden’s DHS Says Free Speech Is “Terrorism” If It Meets This Criteria

Any proliferating “narratives” the Biden White House deems “misleading” qualifies as being a “terrorism threat” as reported by a recent National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin published by Biden’s DHS, and has gotten sharp backlash online after warning that people who express unwelcome beliefs on topics like Chinese coronavirus and election fraud are “a threat to the country.”

The bulletin, published this Monday by the U.S. DHS, dealt with the “Terrorism Threat to the United States Homeland.”

In it, the nation is described as being within a “heightened threat state” because of online content featuring “conspiracy theories, misleading narratives and other kinds of mis- dis- and mal-information (which they call MDM) published or amplified by foreign or domestic threat actors.”

The “threat actors” are said to be seeking to “exacerbate societal friction to create discord and undermine trust in government agencies to encourage greater unrest,” which could possibly lead to acts of violence.

Citizens are also warned of “large casualty attacks and other targeted violence” by people “acting in furtherance of their beliefs or grievances.”

The bulletin also says that people and small cells “motivated by different foreign or domestic grievances often supported through the consumption of online content” as the “top terrorism-related threat” to the nation.

“The convergence of violent ideologies, misleading or false narratives, and conspiracy theories have and will continue to lead to a heightened threat of violence in the country,” it says.

Both “unsubstantiated election fraud” and covid-19 are listed as prime examples of subjects in which “misleading or fake narratives” are being promoted online.

“Grievances linked with these themes inspired extremist attacks through 2021,” it says.

COVID measures like vaccines and masks are said to “have been used by domestic extremists to justify violence since the start of the pandemic” and can possibly continue to inspire them “to target healthcare, government, and academic institutions that they are linked with those virus measures.”

The introduction of 5G technology was also a subject to “misleading or false narratives,” according to the new bulletin.

In addition, it says the recent flood of Afghan refugees in August could be used to “exacerbate long-standing anger and justify violence against immigrants.”

As a result, The FBI and DHS are now “sharing intelligence with partners at the state level and in the private sector” to fight the aforementioned threats.

Author: Blake Ambrose