Biden’s College Money Funneling Scam Just Got Exposed

Peter Schweizer’s brand new book Red-Handed includes the story of how money from Communist China went to the University of Pennsylvania at almost triple the amount after the university created a “Biden Center” in 2017 and gave the former VP Joe Biden a professorship.

As the book reveals in detail, the Joe Biden family has a very long business connections with Chinese Communist Party leaders, and those elites loved celebrating Biden’s election in 2020 as the golden opportunity to expand their influence over America’s government and institutions.

Three years before Biden was elected as U.S. president, the University of Penn. made him a professor and created the “Biden Center” to promote his goals of “global leadership” — a vision, the Schweizer says, viewed Russia as the top threat to world peace, but had nothing bad to say about China.

This should be very amusing to people who remember the Obama-Biden taunts at rival Mitt Romney in 2012 about him being stuck in the 1980s and focused on Moscow as a Cold War enemy. It is, however, in line with Biden’s refusal to view China as a threat to our security or a competitor to America’s interests.

The University of Penn. Biden Center was more than only a website that went against Russia’s dictator while praising China as a partner in globalism. The Center hired more people, including Antony Blinken, who then became Biden’s Sec. of State — a role in which he was ambushed by Chinese diplomats during his initial bilateral conference back in March.

Blinken’s actions for the Biden Center seems to have left him very unprepared for China’s emissaries shutting him down with a long lecture on America’s human rights violations. This should not be a surprise, for as the new book Red-Handed reveals, the financing of the Joe Biden Center was murky, but lots of documented Chinese funds started flowing to the University of Pennsylvania after it was created.

“In the three years before this announcement, the university got around $15 million. In the three years after, the amount was close to $40 million. The latter number is $60 million from China if you count in contracts,” Schweizer says.

Author: Steven Sinclaire