Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda Backfires — Democrats Didn’t See This Coming

How has Joe Biden’s “build back better” agenda impacted Democrat leaders across the country? We know it hasn’t helped regular Americans, even a little bit. But in Republican states, conservative governors and AGs have fought to keep much of Biden’s toxic influence away from residents. That hasn’t been the case in liberal states. And even their top leaders are hurting because of it.

Early in Biden’s first year, he issued an idiotic order that banned the drilling of oil and gas on federal land. That didn’t bother Texas—which drills on mostly private land. But in New Mexico, where drilling is a major industry, that essentially crippled the state. Countless jobs were lost as energy prices skyrocketed.

If they had a Republican governor, perhaps things would have turned out differently. Instead, its cowardly Democrat governor did very little to push back, even as her people suffered. Now, it looks like Biden’s blunder could cost her reelection.

Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is up for reelection next year and experiencing sinking approval ratings, will face a tough battle against whoever wins the Republican primary in a growing field of challengers…

Grisham sought to receive an exemption from one of the first executive orders President Joe Biden issued banning new leasing for oil and gas operations on federal lands, knowing more than one-third of the state’s budget comes from oil and gas revenue. Her request was denied by the Biden administration…

As struggling families must shell out more hard-earned money to pay for a failed agenda, many are asking the key question: why? The results reveal the simple answer, leaders in Washington and Santa Fe care more about environmental special interests than our families.” [Source: Just the News]

Although not in the news as much as California, New Mexico suffered just as much over the last two years as many Democrat-run states. Grisham knew that Biden’s toxic energy policy would hurt her state. She mentioned it soon after he signed the order. But all she did was visit the White House and beg for an exemption. Of course, the corrupt administration would not listen. After all Biden is just a puppet for far-left forces that want to destroy our economy and impose socialism.

Had Grisham really cared about her people, she would have done more than just complain. She would have sued the pants off of Biden. But that would have ruffled the feathers of the liberal elite. Now, she is facing political extermination as Republicans torch her reputation. Was bowing to the green mafia worth it, Grisham?

She could have put New Mexico residents first. Instead, she cared more about her political future within the Democratic Party and did not do what she should have. Ironic that the same decisions could cost her the governorship.

Republicans are already slamming her many bad decisions since 2020. She, like most Democrats, embraced prolonged lockdown policies that contributed to closed schools, “suicides, depression, and abuse cases.” They are slamming her for embracing “free money over hard work.”

It seems like Grisham has an uphill battle coming her way. And it was entirely her fault.

Author: Sam Jones