Biden’s Bizarre Military Move Terrifies Citizens

President Biden will keep the military occupation of the Capitol in place until at least the end of 2021, as his regime loses its legitimacy after the Senate’s shameful agreement with an election filled with fraud.

In a new report from Fox News, the National Security Council is planning, along with the DOD, for continued support after Mar. 12. Reporters have obtained an email where it is claimed they have scheduled a meeting on Wednesday to talk about the details.

“If it is not possible to maintain the current level, we must establish the number of personnel we can keep for an extended length – at least through Fall of this year,” wrote Robert Salesses, the current Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security.

The National Guard put out a vague response when pushed for comment.

“We are conducting planning for the end of the mission and the return of its Soldiers to their home bases,” they said.

Additionally, Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, who is busy removing all patriotic conservatives from America’s military, said he wants 5,000 military troops to occupy D.C. through this year, according to reports from Stars and Stripes.

President Biden’s regime has exploited the violence inside the Capitol to transform D.C. into a lockdown police zone.

And now it is official, the Constitution are no more. The troops will stay in DC as a reminder to patriots that they no longer live in a free nation. Welcome to the new United States of Baghdad.