Biden’s Big Lie About Afghanistan Finally Gets Exposed

President Joe Biden may have forgotten about Afghanistan, as he showed at the United Nations recently, but tens of thousands of American citizens and allies are still stranded and do not have such luxury.

Beyond the tens of thousands of Afghan allies who were abandoned, and Biden’s empty promises to get them out, the White House has also admitted that thousands of green card holders and permanent residents are stuck in the country.

The Biden Administration has repeatedly said that “around 100” US citizens were also left behind on the ground — a number that has not seemed to move significantly over the weeks — but some have questioned this claim.

A former military officer who is currently trying to plan rescue missions is saying the Biden team’s quasi-official number is false, saying that the reality is much worse:

“Definitely there are over 100,” Jean Marie Thrower said to Fox News, noting that her group’s numbers suggest the real amount is around ten times higher than what the White House will admit to publicly.

This number does not include other non-citizen American residents. Thrower said that the White House has been derelict in the slow-moving private evacuation.

Thrower also showed concern for betrayed allies who are getting “executed” and “hunted” down by the Taliban. This weekend revealed another grisly reminder that this is not an exaggeration. (Warning: strong content):

CBS News is promoting the story of an Afghan translator now in extreme harm, with a U.S. veteran desperately trying get the ally and his family out to safety:

This is all inexcusable. Joe Biden promised these people they would get protection, then he broke the covenant, abandoning people such as an Afghan interpreter who literally protected then-Vice President Biden years ago.

Ed Morrissey highlights when the White House is occasionally asked about the exfiltration progress, their answers are very underwhelming. Finally, if you didn’t see it, I strongly encourage you to listen to this interview with a Fox correspondent Trey Yingst, who spoke about his discussions with desperate Americans who are in the country — and his refusal to show any fear as he speaks to hardened jihadi fighters:

Author: Scott Dowdy