Biden’s Approval Is So Low That Canada Is Stepping In To Help

“Let’s Go Brandon” has now made it north of the American border, where Canadian leaders have officially banned its use by government employees.

In a notice given last week, an unnamed official warned that “using the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon” and any variation in any circumstance is now banned.”

“Breaking this policy,” the notice says, “will be grounds for prompt dismissal without any recourse or union representation.”

Someone took a picture of the letter — adding privacy-protecting censors — and then posted it to several social media accounts.

Canadians might want to know who would be dumb enough to give their signature to such an anti-liberty document, while they get their tar and feathers ready.

If you know a thing about attempting to get a government employee fired, you know how impossible it is, no matter how unproductive they could be — in the United States or Canada.

But now, our Canadian allies have demanded that saying the single phrase of “Let’s Go Brandon” is enough to get you removed quickly and without any possible recourse.

You may wonder why the Canadian leaders would take such lengths to guard America’s supposed president, Joe Biden.

But “Let’s Go Brandon” has very quickly changed into something much bigger than showing defiance for the stuttering old man quickly becoming America’s worst leader since Woodrow Wilson.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is the go-to chant for anyone tired of unconstitutional mandates, of obvious authoritarianism, of a chaotic border, of increasing inflation, and maybe most of all of governments everywhere that seem ok with letting things get worse since they do not suffer from the consequences of their own incompetence.

Since we seem to be reliving the ’70s, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is a new version of “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take this anymore!”

So it is no wonder that the global elites, whether in the U.S. or Canada, want to ban such a phrase. Because often when one yells such a phrase, those emotions grow and your ability to express them grows. That’s why you will see personal coaches of all types ask people to yell chants. It has a way of sparking action.

Author: Steven Sinclaire