Biden’s Approval Is Crashing, Even Among His Closest Friends

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been going down since May, but has now has went into a nosedive after the mismanaged Afghanistan withdrawal, which caused 13 military members to be killed and some Americans still trapped in the nation in what is said to a “hostage” situation. But that is not the only topic affecting his approval numbers—the increase in Covid-19 cases, additional health restrictions, and economic worries are also coming into play.

According to a YouGov poll that was put out this week, more Americans do not approve of the president (49 percent) than at any other time during his presidency.

The survey, which was done through Sept. 4-7, also discovered that only 39 percent of the American public approve of his performance—a large 6-point drop during the last week.

“Twice before, during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as many Americans disapproved as approved, but this is the first occasion during his presidency that Joe Biden’s ratings are now negative,” YouGov says. “The fall in Biden’s approval is highest among Democrats. Around nine of ten of them approved of Joe Biden’s performance for almost all of his initial year in the White House. This week, his approval rating among Dems fell by nine points to 77% from 86% just last week.”

This trend is also being witnessed as Americans are questioned about how Biden is dealing certain issues.

“For the first time, a larger share of Americans disapprove (45%) of Joe Biden’s management of the covid pandemic than approve (42%). And this week, just 40% approved of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, while 47% of them disapproved. In previous polls, more had approved than had disapproved.”

“Only 16% of Americans now believe the economy is getting better, while almost three times that number, 44%, say it is now getting worse. Another 27% report that America’s economy is about the same. At the start of the Biden White House, just as greater share of Americans today said the economy was getting worse (44% in the January 30-February 2 poll), but that changed fast. Back in May and for a part of June, more Americans said the economy was getting better compared to worsening. No longer.”

Author: Blake Ambrose