Biden’s Afghan Interpreter Has Words For Him After Getting Left Behind

It was proven this week that the Afghan interpreter who saved then-Senator Biden after his delegation was temporarily stranded inside a remote area after their helicopter had to land in a snowstorm was left behind in Afghanistan along with his family.

Mohammed said to Fox & Friends First this Thursday that he fears for the life of his family after the Taliban took over the country and have been conducting reprisals against the people who worked for the United States or the former Afghanistan government.

“Yes, they got their forces out. They left my family and I and other people who were left behind. But it is very scary because we are under huge risk,” Mohammed said.

“If the Taliban capture me, they will kill me. It is just too easy. If they discover me or by my phone number as — or any sort of information, we will get killed. That is too easy for them … I am hiding in my house. I have not seen outside, what’s going on out there,” he said.

As for his message for now-President Biden, Mohammed asked and begged for him to not to forget about the people who helped the United States when they required assistance.

I would tell him — hello, President, do not forget about me and my family. In Afghanistan, it is very difficult and a horrifying situation. All — and all the people — and voters in my nation are zealots,” Mohammed said. “But there is no escape from here to another place. But I am also wondering how I am going to get out of my house to another place. Just tell him I said hello and tell him to not let me and my family get left behind.”

Mohammed seems to not be the only one who aided the United States military who was left behind when the United States pulled out of Afghanistan on Aug. 31. Around 7,000 Special Immigrant Visa applicants were lifted away during the airlift but the State Dept. estimates most were unable to get to Hamid Karzai Airport. Joe Biden has issued no direct words in response to Mohammed’s message.

Author: Scott Dowdy