Biden Visits a Hardware Store — It Ends In Chaos

President Biden went to W.S. Jenks & Son hardware store in DC for a quick visit and comments on Tuesday.

Biden spoke to the owners about the Paycheck Protection Program, an emergency funding that the store applied for and got because it has less than 20 employees. The funding let employees who were at high risk for COVID-19 stay home while still being paid.

The store was founded in 1866 and calls itself “Washington’s oldest source for hardware, tools, machinery, garden and lawn care, and home improvement.”

After President Biden’s comments at the store, reporters tried to ask him questions but were promptly rushed away by his handlers.

They can be heard in the tweeted video yelling to reporters to “move out.”

It’s of course a certainty that these reporters are trying to keep Biden’s obvious mental decline hidden for as long as possible.

President Biden has not had a single press conference during his seven weeks in Washington. The pandemic has given his people an easy excuse to limit his appearances. They can’t keep it up forever, though.

Even liberal biases won’t stop some journalists from finding answers about Biden’s lack of availability if this goes on for much longer.