Biden Victim Comes Forward, Asks For Help Exposing The President

After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) resignation, the Biden accuser Tara Reade has asked for an investigation into Biden and the powerful people who shield him.

Speaking with reporters, Reade targeted the #MeToo organization for allying with Andrew Cuomo to discredit the people who accused him of sexual harassment.

“Time’s Up made the most terrible betrayal to guard their powerful friends and cause harm,” Reade said.

“The details and Cuomo’s resignation is proof to the powerful men with terrible behavior that women’s voices will eventually be heard,” she said.

Before Cuomo’s resignation this week, Time’s Up chairwoman Roberta Kaplan gave her resignation after it was proven that she helped Andrew Cuomo during the scandal instead of helping his accusers.

“Kaplan advised Cuomo last year when he was hit with accusations of sexual harassment by his adviser Lindsey Boylan,” Breitbart revealed this week. “The report by NY A.G Letitia James (D) found that Kaplan approved to a letter created by the Cuomo admin. attacking Boylan’s motives and credibility. Human Rights leader Alphonso David also looked at the letter.”

In a long op-ed in Russia Today, Tara Reade said she felt devastated after the organization would not take up her case:

“In 2020, I wanted to protect myself and get a lawyer. I visited Time’s Up in Jan. of 2020 on a mission for an attorney. I also believed Biden might leave the race. It was wishful thinking. I was on a conference call with people at MeToo Times Up Legal Fund and they informed me I did not qualify for their protection services. I was devastated.”

In March of last year, Tara Reade said that Senator Joe Biden had sexually assaulted her as she worked as an aide to him during his time as a Senator during the Clinton admin. Shortly thereafter, she revealed her account in numerous interviews and issued a criminal complaint against the former VP with the D.C., police dept.

In her comment to reporters, Reade asked for President Biden to resign. “Cuomo resigned and President Biden should also resign,” she said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire