Biden Uses Vladimir Putin For The Ultimate Con Against Americans

President Biden again attempted to blame Putin for inflation this week, saying he was a top factor in rising prices.

“Now the second huge reason for inflation is of course Vladimir Putin and rising gas prices,” Biden said. “Not a joke.”

The President spoke about increasing inflation during a speech in DC, to the National League of Cities Conference.

Biden falsely put the blame on Putin for the $1.05 boost in gas prices, saying that the Russian president started surging troops at the border with Ukraine at the start of the year, which led to higher prices.

“Make no mistake the current increase in gas prices is largely because of Vladimir Putin,” Joe Biden said.

But gas prices were already going up on Joe Biden’s watch before Vladimir Putin started building up troops in Ukraine and would not spike until Russia actually expanded their actions.

Prices went up around eight cents a gallon in Jan. and would not spike until March when Vladimir Putin greatly escalated his invasion of Ukraine.

During his talk, Biden said his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan was not the cause of inflation, even as he took the credit for rescuing America’s economy from the covid pandemic.

“Because the rescue plan helped strengthen and speed our recovery, Americans had a lot more money in their pockets and during the covid pandemic they wanted to use that money,” he stated.

People stuck at home due to covid lockdowns, Biden said, chose to use their extra money on products, which only made the supply chain problems worse.

“Rescuing our economy did not cause this problem. We are working to fix it,” he said.

But Biden did not mention that inflation went up sharply in March 2021, after his initial $1.9 trillion spending bill succeeded.

In Feb., prices increased by 0.8 from Jan. – even before Vladimir Putin escalated his actions in Ukraine. Proving that when it comes to inflation, Biden and the Democrats are directly to blame for relief checks and loose money printing policies. Although given the war mongering coming from Republicans, they are probably tempted to join the “blame Putin” bandwagon just for the hell of it.

Author: Scott Dowdy