Biden Under Fire For Easy-Going Attitude As America Implodes And The World Burns

President Biden left the White House this Tuesday to get some ice cream, even at a time when tensions with Russia escalated and the southern border crisis got worse.

The president made a surprise visit outside the White House to go to a small business in DC, and also stopped to get an ice cream cone even as the weather was around 34 degrees.

The president would not deal with the border crisis during his visit.

In Dec., apprehensions along the southern border with Mexico got worse for the second straight month to 170,186, over 139 percent more than the same month in 2020.

The Biden White House continues allowing migrants apprehended close to the border to go free into the country, including many single adult men who were taken to Houston, Miami, and Atlanta after they were captured in Texas, as reported by Fox News.

The nation continues to be hit with inflation on common household things including ice cream. Bulk milk and cream costs have gone up 22 percent over the past 12-months, the largest jump since 2014.

The president did talk with reporters about the increasing tensions with Russian President Putin for the possibility of Russia maybe invading Ukraine.

“You know, I will be completely honest with you. It is a little bit like reading some tea leaves,” he said.

The president stated that he felt “obligated” to send in American troops to bolster our allies and warned Vladimir Putin against invading the nation of Ukraine.

“This would be the biggest, if he were to do it, we are almost forced to do the biggest invasion since World War Two,” Biden stated. “And it will affect the world.”

This comes at a time when Americans are suffering through large amounts of inflation in their daily life. The country never asked for war and nobody cares about what happens in Eastern Europe, yet the powers that be have slowly surrounded Russia with tactical nuclear weapons and caused the current situation in Ukraine. Without a doubt this is connected to their paranoia over Putin being “the next hitler” and his possible connection to Donald Trump.

Author: Scott Dowdy