Biden Under Fire After Unbelievably Racist Comments Leak

Monday, Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) talked about her push for greater Asian representation inside the White House after President Biden promised to create the “most diverse White House” in American history.

Duckworth, who argued against the Biden administration’s white appointees for the sake of more “diversity,” said the White House told her that because VP Kamala Harris represents Asian-Americans, there is no need for “any other Asians in the administration.” She continued on to say the concern was worked out by the White House, and she is “happy” there is now someone to help Asians deal with their issues.

“I was urging for more representation at the top levels of the White House,” Duckworth said. “I love Kamala — we were freshmen in congress together. The people in the administration mentioned her name and said you have Kamala, you don’t need any other Asians in the administration. It struck me as very offensive. But we solved the issue.”

“I am very happy they are putting someone in the White House … who will help us with our issues and issues of concern to Asians like the underreporting of violence against us,” she said.

Author: Scott Dowdy