Biden Under Fire After Openly Promoting Racism

Republican Senator Tom Cotton, Ark., this Wednesday urged for President Biden to finally denounce CRT after the White House blamed a random “error” for supporting a radical group’s book that demands for teachers to “disrupt Whiteness.”

“President Biden has helped and supported CRT after taking office—no one thinks this was a real mistake,” the lawmaker said in a comment to Fox News.

“If the Biden White House does not support this kind of radical anti-white ideology, it needs to condemn the liberal and radical antiwhite CRT ideas and keep then from being pushed inside the federal government,” he said.

Cotton’s remarks come after the Dept. of Education connected to the Abolitionist Teacher Network’s “Abolitionist Learning Guide” in its book meant to be a “blueprint” for schools to come back after the pandemic.

The organization’s guide says that emotional and social learning “can be a hidden and covert way of policing and used to punish or control Brown, Black, and Indigenous children to conform to White norms.”

The guide also says that educators need to “disrupt Whiteness” and “remove all disciplinary actions that spirit murder Brown, Black and Indigenous children.”

While the Abolitionists Teachers Network does not exactly mention CRT in its books and guides promoted by Biden’s White House, the idea that white people are inherently racist and that America is inherently racist are common ideas in their theory.

DOE issued a comment Wednesday getting distance between itself and the group, and blamed an “error” for the book’s inclusion.

“The Dept. does not support the ideas of the organization, nor do they align with our policy positions,” the comment read. “This was an error inside a long document to have this citation.”

Cotton proposed a law last week named the Stop CRT measure, which wants to prevent taxpayer funds from being given to schools that support critical race theory.

“It’s not defendable to state that the U.S. is systemically racist – and that schools should treat White people differently due to their skin color,” he said

This also comes at a time when parents nationwide are pushing back against CRT being taught to children.

Author: Scott Dowdy