Biden Under Fire After Making This 9-11 Comment

You expect Biden to be a radical. His politics have never been doubted. But sometimes he does something so weird you have to wonder what he is thinking.

One of President Biden’s statement’s from his congressional address has been released before hand, and it is far beyond what a president should say.

Saying that “the unrest of January 6th was the worst attack since the Civil War” is a shocking extreme left notion.

But he goes even further and downplays major atrocities that America has faced. Pearl Harbor was among these, along with 9/11. In fact, part of the plan on 9-11 was to destroy the White House and Capitol.

January 6th does not even come close to these events. Even using the most over the top description one can use, January 6th was still just a chaotic event where unarmed Americans trespassed and no one died except for Ashli Babbitt being shot by police. Everyone else died of natural causes.

Those who died in past atrocities, including the civil war, deserve respect. What Biden is doing is not respectful. It is spitting on the dead just for political gain. I can’t think of something worse.

Author: Blake Ambrose