Biden Tries To Steal From Trump — Quickly Regrets It

Former President Trump went for President Biden over the covid vaccine this week, saying it was “because of me” that a vaccine was created in under 3 to 5 years.

In claiming credit for the three COVID vaccines, Trump also stated that, “I am, in a way, the father of the vaccine because I pushed it through.”

“We pushed the vaccine, and saved tens of millions of people,” Trump said on Fox Business. “If I were not president, you would not have had a vaccine for 5 years. I made it happen in under 9 months.”

He also said that fake news is now giving Biden credit for the vaccine.

“We had Operation Warp Speed, and we delivered the vaccines at a rate that was unprecedented,” Trump said. “Our delivery system was great and all they did was use what we left them and kept it moving, and large numbers of people have got vaccinated because of this.”

Spreading the vaccines was a “military operation,” Trump stated.

“We did a wonderful job on coronavirus but we don’t get credit for it,” he said. “With the ventilators and the masks, nobody had this stuff. We got it. We stocked up. We helped everyone. The governors have said we did an amazing job. The fake news wont say it. It doesn’t support their narrative.” ,.,

“I took a gamble. It was my gamble. I took it and there has never been a gamble that has been more important in my opinion.” ,.,

Trump also slammed the reaction to the pandemic, and criticized people with masks at Biden’s congressional address.

“It seemed as if they were choking,” Trump said. “I said they should get some air. Nancy Pelosi’s mask was the largest I have ever seen.”

He continued, saying that during Biden’s speech, the room was “so sparse” that it doesn’t reveal much confidence.

“They wish to give confidence in the vaccine and then you see what you saw last night, a room packed with masks.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire