Biden Tries To Force DeSantis Into Submission — But He Didn’t Prepare For This

Earlier in the month, we learned that the Biden administration was clamping down on the distribution of one of the best treatments for COVID-19. Monoclonal antibody treatments have been shown to dramatically improve a person’s recovery. Yet Biden announced the federal government would be restricting which states got this treatment.

Top of the list was conservative Florida and other Southern states.

Many leaders saw this as a partisan attack against states defying the corrupt administration. Florida in particular was using this treatment to save many lives. Biden was slammed over this move, accused of trying to “punish” Republican-led states for refusing his vaccine mandate.

But word is, the governor is getting those treatments, come hell or high water.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) announced Thursday that he has secured more doses of lifesaving antibody treatment despite the Biden administration taking control of the treatment and effectively reducing Florida’s necessary supply…

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, the Biden administration announced they’d be rationing supply of the treatment, effectively cutting supply from COVID-positive Floridians…

The move was made to apparently limit potential shortages elsewhere, though there aren’t any signs of a treatment shortage. [Source: Daily Wire]

What’s particularly odd about Biden’s move is that use of this treatment has been disturbingly low across the country. There were no legitimate grounds to “ration” supplies, as if we were going to run out. The primary group producing the treatment, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, claims that fewer than 30% of eligible patients have been getting it.

That suggests Biden’s move had nothing to do with limited supply, but a deliberate attempt to prevent people from actually using it. Former FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan slammed Biden over his failure to provide adequate treatments and supplies to fight the disease, noting a big gap. Another expert rebuked Biden for suppressing the spread of “monoclonal antibodies, rapid home tests, high-quality masks . . . anything except vaccines.”

Looks like Biden’s move has less to do with punishing conservative states and more to do with forcing vaccines. From the very start of the pandemic, we’ve seen the media and liberal establishment suppress information about life-saving, and affordable, treatments. Various drugs and therapeutics have been found to significantly improve recovery—in some cases provide immunity—to this much-discussed virus.

Yet anyone who tried to spread this information was censored. It could have been an attempt, at the start, to make the pandemic look much worse than it should have been. All to make Trump look bad. Today, there seems to be a push by the left to suppress this news, in order to appease Big Pharma, which wants to sell as much vaccine as possible.

Whatever the case may be, Biden is deliberately preventing life-saving treatment from reaching sick people. Gov. DeSantis had to grow around the president, just to ensure the people of Florida could live. If that doesn’t warrant an investigation, what does?

Author: Sam Maxwell