Biden Tries To Defend Abortion, Ends Up Insulting Christians Instead

Joe Biden commented on a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion regarding abortion rights this week, saying the “radical” argument against such a right is “absurd.”

“The notion that we’re going to make a decision that says no one can choose to abort a baby based on the Supreme Court’s decision I think goes far beyond reality,” Biden added.

The president addressed reporters as he departed Washington, DC, for Alabama to visit a Lockheed Martin factory.

During his speech, Biden stated that “all” mainstream religions accept that the origin of human life is debatable.

“Consider what Roe has to say. All fundamental mainstream religions have long been of the opinion that the question of human life and existence is debatable, according to Roe. Is it at fertilization? Is it six months after fertilization? Is it six weeks after fertilization?”

The president neglected to mention that the Catholic Church, which he claims to be a member of, believes life begins at fertilization.

Biden responded to the issue of abortion after a leaked draft of Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion to overrule Roe v. Wade went public.

He appeared genuinely worried by the leaked document, suggesting that if the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, they would be making a “radical decision.”

“If the court rules in this way, it would be a huge change… It basically states that all aspects of your private life, including whom you marry and whether or not to have children, are no longer under your control. What is the consequence?” he inquired.

He also predicted that the constitutional right to gay marriage would be jeopardized, as well as other Supreme Court cases involving individual freedom.

“It’s a major change in American legal thinking,” he stated.

Biden said he supported a House bill to legalize abortion, but he refused to say whether or not the Senate filibuster rules should be broken to ensure its passage

“I’m not ready to make those judgments right now,” he added.

This is of course an insult to every Christian in America, but Joe Biden does not care at all. Maybe he is anti-religion or something worse?

Author: Scott Dowdy