Biden Tries To Be Funny, Ends Up Breaking The Law

We reported before about the hilariously bad Communist-like meme from the Biden White House, trying to support their infrastructure laws and the new Build Back Better bill.

Now, we start off with the founding principle that liberals can’t meme and that they treat Americans like children who need to be dictated to. That combination gives you with this cringe-worthy cartoon from Pete Buttigieg’s Dept. of Transportation Twitter account.

“What are you thinking of?” the woman says.

“I’m thinking about how the new infrastructure law will make getting from one place to another so much better over the next ten years and how the Build Back Better Act will create millions of new jobs,” the man says in reply.

“Same,” the woman says.

If a couple were talking about Build Back Better and infrastructure rather than whispering to each other, I would recommend they go see a doctor. And any guy who gave this answer to a girl would get dumped immediately, and rightly so. Who wants to date a person who would this kind of cult-like mindset?

But it turns out that the meme was not only lame, it could have also broken the law.

“This seems to be lobbying,” former California Assemblyman and VP of the Texas Public Policy Foundation Chuck DeVore said. “I did not think federal agencies were allowed to promote specific legislation. The Sec. of Transportation can, of course, but the DOT’s website? Seems unusual.”

Congress has given restrictions against lobbying by federal agencies.

“Congress has issued specific prohibitions, in both federal statutory laws and in annual appropriations riders, against the use of federal money by agencies to “lobby” the Congress or to conduct “publicity or propaganda” efforts directed at laws pending before Congress.”

We have seen previously, though, that the Biden White House does not seem to have much scruples as it comes to ethical problems. Case in point: getting involved even during the transition period, posting a comment from Hunter Biden when it was announced he would be investigated by the FBI on the transition website. Then becoming involved in the Hunter Biden art dealings.

It seems that the Biden Administration is good at breaking the law and getting away with it.

Author: Steven Sinclaire