Biden Tries To Add Jet Fuel To Mass Immigration — Instantly Regrets It

President Biden is now dropping his plans to give $450,000 payouts to almost 1,000 illegals after fierce backlash from the American people.

For months, Biden’s Dept. of Justice (DOJ), DHS, and Health and Human Services were in settlement discussions with illegals represented by the ACLU, who say they have suffered severe trauma because of former President Trump’s Zero Tolerance program.

Now, ACLU lawyers involved with those talks have told the WSJ that the Biden White House has dropped the settlements thought to be upwards of around $450,000 per illegal, costing around $1 billion in American taxpayer’s money and more than was awarded to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Instead, the DOJ will litigate the illegal’s claims individually. ACLU lawyer Lee Gelernt said to the Journal:

“We are hardly naive to the fact that politics sometimes plays a part in Justice Dept. decisions, but it is shameful that it has happened when the lives of kids are at stake. History will not look well on the Biden White House’s decision not to protect these small children.”

In his settlement talks, about 940 illegal families had issued claims against the U.S. government and each was requesting an average of $3.4 million because of their being subjected to the Trump Zero Tolerance policy.

As we recently reported, the talks stalled because of the massive public outcry with surveys revealing an overwhelming opposition to these payouts.

Around 63 percent of American citizens told CBS pollsters that they were against the payouts, including 64 percent of even swing voters, and 4-in-10 Biden voters.

Surveys from the National Republican Congressional Committee and Rasmussen Reports revealed similar numbers where most Americans, including possible swing voters, were against the payouts.

Meanwhile, Angel Families — the families who lost loved ones from illegals — hit back against the payouts as “a way to create millionaires out of the 5,000 illegal families” in comments to conservative news reporters.

“None of these illegals deserve anything other than removal to their nation of origin,” Angel Families And Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime said in a comment. “… what does the federal government owe the families who were victimized by the illegals they allowed in?”

Author: Blake Ambrose