Biden Tightens Stranglehold As Approval Dips To All-Time Low

When Joe Biden failed to stop the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, his presidency took a massive hit. It only got worse when his pathetic Pentagon and ill-run State Department scrambled to evacuate people they left behind. But things could have gotten better, had Biden listened to Americans and worked on improving the economy.

But how did he follow up on one of the biggest presidential failures since Vietnam? He issued a vaccine mandate that has jeopardized the jobs of 100 million Americans. His approval has never recovered.

The Democrats suffered a blood bath last week in the election cycle. Biden and Harris’ approvals are getting worse. Instead of doing anything to help win back the American people, Biden mulls yet another move that will outrage most citizens.

On Monday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged that President Biden is still considering the idea of forcing domestic travelers within the United States to undergo vaccine or testing requirements…

So, you know, we say this all the time: Everything is on the table,” Jean-Pierre answered. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. How can a presidency be this stupid? After outraging millions of Americans, some of whom have already lost their jobs because of his mandate, Biden is now considering a vaccine passport. Airlines are on the brink of collapse. There have been two revolts among airline employees over workers’ vaccine requirements.

But Biden wants to put a bullet in the head of air travel, all to force his deranged dictatorship.

Does he really think this is going to get more Americans vaccinated? Guess what, dumbass, we don’t have to travel by airplane. We can easily get by driving in our cars, if we really need to cross the country. And plenty of the country we have no interest in visiting anyway, since the Democrats who run those states have made them uninhabitable.

Biden really is trying to divide this country. Soon, there will be the states with freedom and the states with bread lines. A vaccine passport for domestic travel will end air travel as we know it. But maybe that is Biden’s plan all along? After all, he is just a blind disciple of the “green new deal.” And part of that idiotic plan is to end air travel altogether?

Clearly, Biden’s agenda is all about opening the border, destroying our energy sector, giving jobs away overseas, and letting crime get out of control. Why wouldn’t he also try to single-handedly destroy our airline industry?

But here’s the kicker. Just because Biden is trying to impose radical socialism over the country doesn’t mean he will be successful. Everything that has been hurting Americans has been his fault. Nobody is under the illusion these were unavoidable crises. The more Biden pushes his economy-killer agenda, the more Americans turn on him.

So, the only thing he is really destroying… is his own party.

Author: Timothy Sanderson