Biden Throws Tantrum During Interview – Gets Roasted By Liberal Reporter

How bad is Joe Biden? So bad, that he is actually getting the left-leaning media to turn on him.

Honestly, who really thought electing a man with so much baggage was a good idea? Long before the general election, we saw signs that Joe Biden was not qualified to be president. Hell, he’s not qualified to bag groceries that this point.

All last year (and before) Joe appeared rude, sexist, racist, and dismissive of anyone he didn’t agree with. Many of us believe the man is suffering from mental decline. Democrats continue to ignore that. But they can’t ignore his unacceptable and unprofessional behavior—unfitting for a president. They have to face the reality, then, that Biden is utterly bad at his job.

And it’s only getting worse. Just the other day, a reporter asked Biden a simple question about his meeting with Putin. Biden snapped, apparently outraged that a reporter would do her job and he said, “You are in the wrong business!”

Now he’s drawing fire from others within the MSM.

A left-wing reporter slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday over his outburst directed at a cable news reporter earlier in the day…

“If you’re the most powerful person in the world and you can’t field questions from the media without losing your temper, maybe you’re in the wrong business,” New York Magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi tweeted. “What kind of example does it set for other countries when the president of the United States insults a member of the free press on an international stage for asking a fair question in good faith?”

CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny later lamented on live television that the media has “not seen” Biden “answer questions” like the one Collins asked “without his aides screaming at him to stop.”

“I have never seen a president — covering the last four of them — who is so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some questions,” Zeleny continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins simply pressed Biden for an answer over whether he believed Putin would “change his behavior.” Biden was rude and refused to provide a straight answer. When she asked again, he insulted her.

This is a very common reaction from Biden, especially at female reporters. It seems the Democrat doesn’t think he should be asked tough questions from people he expects to prop him up. So, he’s quick to demean, bully, and criticize them. The remarks from Nuzzi and Zeleny are well-earned, if not just a bit deliciously ironic.

These are the same con artists who conspired to undermine the Trump administration, to help Joe Biden get into office. Yet today, they are reaping the fruit of their actions, by having to deal with a “president” who doesn’t answer basic questions.

Zeleny said he “never” saw a president who refused to answer questions—whose aides would shout over reporters the way Biden’s does.

For all the media’s hate against Trump, he never did this. In fact, Trump was always eager to talk to the press. And while his style was bold and unapologetic, he never treated them the way Biden does.

Perhaps this is clear evidence that Biden should not have this job?

Author: Timothy Smith