Biden Threatens Americans With a Choice: Tyranny Or More Tyranny

President Joe Biden got backlash on Thursday for his tweet that some people saw as a slightly veiled threat when it comes to getting a COVID vaccine.

Biden, who spoke to the media early Thursday, said that the CDC updated its mask recommendation for fully vaccinated people. The guidance allows those people vaccinated to go without masks in outdoor and many indoor settings. Biden said it was “a great day for the nation.”

Biden’s official Twitter then published, “The rule is simple: get a vaccine or use a mask until then. The choice is yours to make.”

The tweet was promptly picked up by some top Twitter users. Glenn Greenwald retweeted Biden’s words and replied, “This is not a rule.”

The Biden White House has been trying to get more Americans to get a coronavirus vaccine that it claims is safe. States have been joining them in this effort and have been creating ways to entice people to get a jab. (Ohio announced a lottery for vaccinated people.)

The problem is, Americans are not sold on the safety of the vaccines. They know that the drugs were rushed to meet the urgent demand. And conservatives point out that Moderna and Pfizer have been given emergency use authorization, but that these vaccines have not received the full approval of the FDA.

Meanwhile Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, has said that “anyone who is completely vaccinated can now participate in outdoor and indoor activities — without using a mask.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire