Biden Threatens a Nuclear Strike… Against His Own Country?

Speaking from the White House on Wednesday, President Biden re-introduced his far-left gun control goal, pushing for a ban on rifles and reminding legal gun owners that the government has nukes.

“Those who argue about the blood of Patriots, you know, all the sayings they have about how we will have to move against the federal government., Biden said. “If you believe you need weapons to go to battle against the federal government, you need fighter jets and maybe some nukes.”

Biden also falsely said that the Clinton ban on rifles, which is called the assault weapons ban, lowered crime. But a DOJ funded study from the University of Penn. found that the ban cannot be credited with a lowered level of violence carried out with guns. The study read:

“We cannot credit the ban with any of the country’s recent drops in gun-based violence. And, indeed, there was no discernible lowering in the lethality of gun violence, based on signs like the percentage of gun crimes leading to death or the amount of gunfire incidents leading to injury., the summary of the report said. “The ban’s affect on gun violence is possibly small, and maybe too small for a good measurement. Assault weapons were used in just 8% of gun crimes even before this ban.”

Another study, this one from Quinnipiac University, reveals the same.

“The current study is designed to find the effects of government assault weapons bans and concealed weapons bans on murder cases and rates. Using numbers for the time period between 1980 and 2009 and controlling for certain fixed effects, the results suggest that locations with restrictions on concealed weapons had higher gun-connected murder than other locations., the study said. “It was also discovered that assault weapon bans did not greatly affect murder rates. These numbers suggest that restrictive weapons laws could increase in gun-connection murders.”

Author: Blake Ambrose