Biden: This Is Why The Internet Could Go Down Soon

This week, President Joe Biden issued another dire warning of a Russian cyberattack on crucial infrastructure in the United States. “The scale of Russia’s cyber ability is very significant, and it’s coming,” Biden said at a business roundtable session.

“The federal government is doing everything it can to get ready,” he said. He urged the private sector to react accordingly, and added that it would be their “duty of patriotism” to do so.

This alert was based on intelligence-gathering activities that might indicate a cyberattack is imminent.

“I’ve previously warned about the possibility that Russia might launch malicious cyber activity against the United States, especially as a reaction to our unprecedented economic sanctions against Russia, in collaboration with our allies and partners,” Biden said.

“It’s part of Russia’s playbook,” he continued. “My administration is restating those warnings today, based on new intelligence that shows the Russian government is investigating cyberattacks as a possible option.”

The White House called on businesses to enhance and update their cyber defenses as a precaution. Deputy security adviser for technology Anne Neuberger announced that the Biden administration was ready to respond to a Russian cyberattack at a news conference.

“As the president has stated, the United States is not seeking a confrontation with Russia, but if Russia uses disruptive cyber operations against critical infrastructure, we will be prepared to respond,” Neuberger said.

“The more his back is against the wall, the more vicious his methods will be,” Biden added. “Vladimir Putin may unleash a cyberattack because the invasion of Ukraine is not proceeding as planned.”

This comes at a time when Biden is desperate to redirect Americans’ focus from inflation to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Democrats understand that they are going into the worst midterm election they have ever faced. And they really need a scapegoat and a distraction. By allowing the conflict in Ukraine to escalate, they are hoping to have an affect on the elections. But Americans are too smart for this move. Joe Biden’s White House has been a complete disaster for America. And everyone knows this by now.

Author: Steven Sinclaire