Biden Tells The Truth About His Left-Wing Agenda

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The far-left fully backed Joe Biden . They hope to get liberal laws and goodies passed. And now that they think they have won, they are looking to Joe to start handing over the goods. But Joe just can’t help himself by messing up his advisor’s planned script. He is a walking mistake. 

One of those promises is student debt relief. They want him to use an executive order to cancel all student debt as one of his first acts in office.

But Biden just destroyed that idea by saying it’s “arguable if the president has the executive power to forgive debt”… then going on to say he would be unlikely to do that.

He’s not wrong.

Eliminating student debt by an executive order really is NOT possible. But using normal means is also not feasible. The House would have to pass a bill, and that is not assured anymore with Pelosi’s weakened hold. And on top of that, you need the Senate to also agree and currently, the one fact stopped that from happening is this:

Not every Democrat lives in a far-left blue state like AOC and Illhan Omar. They simply won’t go for it to save their own careers.

Thankfully, this issue might tear Democrats apart. Biden will take heat from the left. Meanwhile us conservatives sit back and enjoy the show!