Biden Tells A Lie So Big Even CNN Is Shocked

According to a CNN fact-checking reporter this week, President Joe Biden’s claim that he had personally lowered the federal deficit was refuted, calling it a “reversal of reality” from “bizarro world.”

“Let me remind you again: I reduced the federal deficit,” Biden said last Wednesday. “All of my conservative friends’ talk about deficits, I love it. In the first year of my administration, I cut $350 billion from it. And we are on track to lower it by another $1 trillion and 500 billion in September.”

The fact, according to CNN reporter Daniel Dale, is that the budget deficit was already expected to decline when Biden took office. In reality, deficits would have been reduced even more without Biden’s strategies.

“The deficit has decreased since President Biden took office. It was about $3.1 trillion under President Trump in fiscal 2020, according to the latest figures I’ve seen,” Dale said during an interview on “New Day.”

“But, even with this $360 billion reduction, experts I spoke to dismissed the idea that President Biden has personally lowered the deficit,” he added. “In fact, Marc Goldwein from the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget said this allegation is like something out of a bizarro-world: a total reversal of reality… because the deficit was thought to lower by over $360 billion when Biden took office.”

“In fact, at the time, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office had predicted that the deficit would drop by more than $870 billion in 2021 if no new policies were implemented,” Dale added.

“Whatever you believe about these policies, they all require money,” said Dale, noting Biden’s pandemic relief bill and the infrastructure measure. “So there ended up being less deficit reduction than anticipated as a result of those bills.”

Inflation is at record highs, unemployment is rising, and the budget deficit is widening. All of this is happening under President Joe Biden’s watch. And yet, his only solution is to die and hope Americans are dumb enough to believe him. The fact is they’re not. And the polls prove this and 2024 is looking like a total land slide.

Author: Scott Dowdy