Biden Team Warned Of “Deadly Threat” Within The White House

White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki said this Sunday that she is positive for covid-19, which makes her the top ranking official inside the White House during the Biden White House to publicly admit a positive diagnosis.

In a comment, Psaki said:

“This Wednesday, in coordination with the leadership in the White House and the medical staff, I made the decision to not go on the international trip with President Biden because of the family emergency of members of my home being positive for COVID-19. Since then, I quarantined and was negative for COVID this Wednesday through this Saturday. However, today, I have tested positive for COVID. While I have not been in close contact with President Biden or top members of the White House since this Wednesday — and was negative for four days after our last contact — I am disclosing my positive test out of transparency. I last saw President Biden on Tuesday, when the two of us met outside and sat over six-feet apart, and had masks.”

“Thanks to the covid-19 vaccine, I have only had mild symptoms, so I have kept working from home. I’ll return to work at the end of the quarantine after a negative covid test, which is another White House requirement, over the CDC guidance, which is taken out of caution.”

The announcement from Psaki comes after Democrat President Biden coughed into his own hand after a speech and then went on to shake hands with other people.

“Video from the event revealed the president coughing into his hand as he left his podium. He proceeded to extend it with amazement before leaving the stage to greet other officials at the event,” Mediaite reported. “He quickly shook the hands of least three men — all of whom were wearing a face mask — before shaking their hands and clasping the shoulder of another person.”

DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas tested positive for cornavirus two weeks ago, which came only a few days after he went to an event with Biden.

“Sec. Mayorkas tested positive for coronavirus this morning after taking a test during routine protocols,” DHS spokesperson Marsha Espinosa tweeted. “He is experiencing some mild congestion; he is completely vaccinated and will work and isolate from home according to CDC protocols and expert medical advice.”

Author: Blake Ambrose