Biden Team Now Editing Conservative Tweets They Don’t Like

Biden’s administration has made a top agent of the border patrol erase a tweet about a “possible terrorist” caught at the United States border, with CBP saying the tweet was against the agency regulations.

Chris Clem tweeted on Dec 20 that some agents in the area had “caught a potential terrorist who entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico.”

“The Saudi Arabia migrant has been linked to many Yemeni people of interest,” he added.

Luis Miranda has released a statement that claims that the tweet was deleted because “it included some sensitive law enforcement information, which violated the protocols of the agency.”

“Every individual that is encountered at or between the United States entry ports are vetted and screened against a wide range of intelligence information and law enforcement to help determine if they are a threat to our public safety or national security, consistent with the law,” Miranda commented.

“CBP is still investigating the matter and they are following standard protocols. Which could include a referral, if needed, to other law enforcement entities for a more in depth investigation and a determination of custody,” the statement added.

Going by Biden’s history on border law enforcement, it is most likely that they deleted the tweet in order to cover up national security peril that was caused by the open borders.

The Homeland Security Department stated in an announcement on Friday that it would formally cancel contracts to finish building President Trump’s wall on the United States southern border, more specifically in South Texas.

The federal government was paying as much as $5 million a day to contractors, but Biden issued an executive order that canceled the wall construction the day he became president.

Canceling the wall construction happened at the very moment that a huge migrant caravan arrived at the southern border, with nearly ten thousand illegal Haitian immigrants already given the gift of US residency after entering the border at Del Rio Bridge in Texas. Experts in migration have given warnings of huge caravans of as many as 60,000 illegal migrants heading towards the U.S.

The wall proved to have major national security value, with border experts and CBP personnel saying it is truly effective at slowing illegal immigration and making the border easier for law enforcement to patrol. Nearly 600 miles of the wall was built during Trump’s presidency, a lot of it in the dangerous areas that were previously protected with just crude barriers that made it easy for human and drug smugglers to pass.

Biden’s border policies instituted are destroying America.

Author: Scott Dowdy