Biden Team Humiliated By Gas Prices, Provide This Pathetic “Explanation”

Stock up on gas while you still can, because it just reached a record high, and it is going to go up even higher.

The average right now is $4.104/gallon.

Meanwhile, what is the Biden team doing about it?

This week, White House Deputy Media Secretary Jen Psaki was slammed with the news about record prices at the gas pump. She lied through her teeth trying to blame this rise on the Russian-Ukraine war.

While recent spikes are of course related somewhat to the Russian move, they were already increasing a huge amount even before that. So the Joe Biden team cannot attempt to wiggle away from all of this. Moreover, if Joe Biden hadn’t mismanaged everything about Russia, to start with, we would not be stuck in this mess.

One journalist then put Jen Psaki on the spot — mentioning the comments of American citizens disturbed by what was happening at the pump.

The Biden White House is doing everything — except make America energy-independent, as it was when President Donald Trump was in the White House. Releasing more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve does not do anything to deal with the long-term problem. 30 million barrels per day — what Biden said he put out — is around a day and a half of what the country uses. Back in Nov., Biden trumpeted they were releasing from the Reserve that would solve the issue of high prices. That was well before this invasion and we still saw high prices. It is concerning that they keep mentioning it as though it’s a sort of a policy plan and not just stealing from people’s savings account.

Where is the Biden team’s meeting with American energy companies to address this? What is he working on instead? Talking about the possibly getting more Saudi Arabian, Venezuelan, and even Iran oil. He has had more meetings with America’s enemies such as Iran than with Americans who could deal with this.

Psaki cannot even keep all the lies straight. She takes a hit at Trump about Iran, but it’s Biden who put us in this position, not Donald Trump. It’s Trump who warned us on being reliant on other countries for energy.

Author: Blake Ambrose