Biden Team Believes THIS Is The #1 Cause Of Death In America


The Biden administration’s nominees have a long history of providing amusement by failing to “hide their crazy,” as the saying goes. Indeed, the many suppositories of knowledge provided by Biden’s minions appear to be enough to bring down even the most well-organized society in history. More recently, his selection for the FDA added another brilliant pearl of awareness.

According to Summit News, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf’s remarks during a recent interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown have sent shockwaves through the medical community. He stated his truth at a Texas health conference in May, when he genuinely declared that online misinformation is the primary cause of death.

Many people would have expected Califf to be able to massage the stats enough to connect a sufficient number of recorded deaths to supposed online misinformation, no matter how tenuously the link may be made. Califf’s reputation and people’s trust in humanity were badly damaged when he stated, “there is no way to quantify this,” and went on to discuss actual major causes of death, such as heart disease and cancer.

Califf’s next remark, however, was aimed at mitigating the damage: “an erosion of life expectancy.” This line was followed by a weak attempt to connect it to sloppy internet misinformation linking. Califf also neglected to comment on the idea that this drop in life expectancy, which is completely unique to America among the First World, might be linked to how bad-for-you foods are commonly consumed in America when compared with other developed nations.

With regard to the boogeyman of the previous two years, Califf claimed that “almost no one in this country should be dying from COVID” owing to “universally available inoculations across the country,” before going on to point out that there was also a “reduction in life expectancy from common diseases such as heart disease.”

“And yet … the true, honest messages are not getting through,” he said, “and it’s being balanced by a lot of misinformation that is causing people to make poor decisions that are bad for their health.”

Califf was able to leave the interview unscathed even though he failed to provide evidence that “online misinformation” was causing excessive deaths from heart disease, owing in large part to the CNN host’s carelessness in not pressing him on the issue.


Author: Steven Sinclaire