Biden Team Accidentally Triggers A Liberal Media Civil War

According to CNN, staff at NBC News are furious and “disturbed” about Jen Psaki’s television contract with MSNBC.

The perturbed staff has expressed concerns about Paski’s potential deal to move over as an MSNBC opinion host, according to sources, because Psaki has become a news story while still delivering remarks from the White House lectern as press secretary. NBC News’s so-called journalistic standards are reportedly being violated by a conflict of interest that critics claim is unethical.

Psaki’s appointment has elicited a negative reaction among NBC News employees, owing to her apparent placement in the opinion sector at MSNBC instead of a “more typical post-White House role,” such as a political analyst providing opinions and analysis on another person’s program.

This week, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim attempted to soothe staff tension by holding a phone conversation with those who felt that Psaki’s hiring “tars” the network’s reputation.

Staffers at the network were told that Psaki was hired without input from NBC News, according to Oppenheim. He also said it’s the fault of MSNBC’s opinion arm for hiring Psaki, and her appointment is irrelevant to NBC News’ “journalism.”

“Here’s what he was talking about: They have perspective programming. This was done on the viewpoint side of things. Nothing to do with NBC News,” one of the individuals on the phone with Oppenheim said.

“People were asking for answers regarding what NBC’s part was in this, and there was no connection between NBC News and this. This is MSNBC’S point of view programming,” the individual went on to say.

She did not respond to a request for comment this week, but according to reports on CNN, a White House official informed the network that Psaki has “withdrawn herself” from interviews on MSNBC or NBC News until further notice.

Paski is a former CNN personality who has since worked in politics for President Joe Biden. She is now attempting to monetize her White House position by moving to the private sector.

Outside of Psaki’s drama, there appears to be some animosity between NBC News and MSNBC. Because the two networks share personnel, individuals at NBC News are furious that they are subjected to MSNBC’s viewpoint and radical material. Some NBC News professionals worry that MSNBC’s views will reflect on them in the future.

Author: Steven Sinclaire