Biden Takes Back Stimulus Promise – America Makes Him Regret It

As you could expect, Democrats were able to squeeze out key wins last election, by promising free stuff to Americans. These same Democrats refused to negotiate to provide COVID relief during the Summer. But they were all too happy to promise the moon to voters, when the time was right.

That includes Joe Biden, who in January promised Georgia voters that if they elected his Democrats, that $2,000 checks would “go out the door immediately.”

Well, it’s now February and there are no checks in sight. In fact, the most recent plans Democrats have been talking about only include $1,400 checks to cap off the $600 checks sent out last year (which most people did not get—they’re not talking about that, of course).

That hasn’t gone over well for most people. You see, when your political party panders to the laziest, most entitled, selfish people in the country—they don’t like it when you take back something you promised.

Now, many are flocking to leftist social media platform Twitter to condemn Joe.

Americans, not the most patient of people, are not happy, and over the weekend, some took to Twitter and complained — using the hashtag #BidenLied. It didn’t take long for that to start trending…

Podcast host Ryan Knight led the criticism, writing: “$2000 is not $1400. So @JoeBiden is either a liar or really bad at math. I am going with LIAR.”

“#BidenLied and the whole government lied,” wrote another on Twitter. “Don’t say your given us $2000 checks when your really given us $1400 checks. That’s just cold, bruh.”

“#BidenLied By the time the stimulus package arrives it’ll be more like 600 bucks instead of the 2000 we were promised but don’t worry, Jill Biden is going to hand out cookies later,” wrote one. [Source: Daily Wire]

Conservatives (not yet kicked off the platform) took the opportunity to gloat, reminding liberal that they gleefully voted for this “liar,” ignoring all the warning signs. Some accused liberals of being too busying chanting “Trump bad” to realize that they were nominating a “pathological liar.”

While we can’t prove the pathological party, Joe Biden has a very long history of saying one thing and doing another. He has frequently been caught telling half-truths or out-right fictions, especially about his own personal history. When called out on it, he often says he just “forgot.”

Well, did he forget this time? Did he promise big checks, forgetting that Congress had no intention of providing them?

Trump, for his part, urged Congress to replace those $600 payments with $2,000. The only reason it didn’t go through was Mitch McConnell.

But that appears to be only the tip of the iceberg for Biden’s COVID response. Reports have come in that they’ve lost track of 20 million vaccine doses. They can’t follow up with states in their vaccination rollouts. And Biden’s target for vaccinating Americans falls short of what Trump had previously achieved.

Perhaps Biden didn’t lie. Perhaps he just doesn’t know what he’s doing?