Biden Takes a Move From Hillary’s Playbook — Wipes Data Clean

Republican Senator Josh Hawley (MO) sent out a letter to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins, director of the NIH, asking for answers concerning deleted coronavirus data.

“I write with great concern about the latest accusations of a coronavirus cover-up., Hawley started in his message. “New reports suggest that Chinese scientists directed the NIH to remove gene sequences of covid cases from an important database. The removed data could be crucial for understanding how the virus moved and where it was originally from. These deletions are surprising and justify a full congressional and police investigation.”

Hawley stressed that according to the NIH’s own webpage, deleting data is normally disfavored. “Why the NIH would accept the order to delete key information about the virus during the middle of the most severe public health emergency in a century is unthinkable., the senator said.

The senator went on to suggest that the removal of the coronavirus data could have been done to coverup any evidence that the CCP was connected to the original source of covid, adding that the evidence of NIH funds “having found their way to the Wuhan Lab In China” is concerning.

“American taxpayer money paid for these health databases and they should be objective and transparent, they should not be connected to and subject to foreign powers.”

“These newly discovered actions lead us to ask serious questions about what other possible data Chinese scientists have tried to hide from America’s scientific community. The people need to understand the extent of the CCP’s influence inside the NIH and their role in covering up the source of a pandemic that has claimed over 600,000 American lives.”

The senator’s letter ends with 10 questions he wants to ask Fauci and Collins, wanting a response by July 1. His questions deal mostly with the data itself, who asked for the deletion, and other questions concerning the connection between the CCP and the NIH.

Author: Scott Dowdy